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Learn to Sushi

Kids Sushi Kit

Kids Sushi Kit

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Introducing our fun and delicious Kids Sushi Kit, a unique and creative way for children to make their very own sushi! Our kit includes all the ingredients and tools needed to make fun and colorful sushi rolls, including Rice Krispies for the rice, Fruit Roll-Ups for the nori, and Swedish Fish for the "fish" inside.

Our Kids Sushi Kit is perfect for children of all ages, allowing them to explore their creativity while developing their cooking skills. With our easy-to-follow instructions, children can create sushi rolls that are not only visually appealing but also fun to eat. Kids can choose from a variety of Fruit Roll-Up flavors to create unique and tasty sushi combinations.

It's perfect for playdates, birthday parties, or any occasion that calls for a fun and unique activity. 1 Kit makes 6 "Sushi Rolls", kit has a plastic, kid safe knife.

So why wait? Order our Kids Sushi Kit today and watch your children's creativity and cooking skills flourish!

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